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Using data to help CEOs solve their strategic control points at Sales and Inventory areas

Through our past experiences working with SMEs, we can empathise with the headaches of CEOs (and other C-suite). We want to be the ones who can help CEOs solve their strategic control points at sales and inventory areas.

We strongly believe that data analytics and data visualisation can help to not only understand the problems better, it can also be further automated to push towards an “action-based" mode.

On top of an IT system, we also measure and guide employees so that the business can have more sales and less wastage.

Ultimately, as the world hurtles towards being more tech-enabled, connected and collaborative, employees everywhere will grow to work with tech assistance and more importantly, as a team, leverage each other's diverse skills to solve issues.


The best thing about data? It’s hard for people to contest.

Even when people don’t want to believe that they’re underperforming, it’s hard to dispute years worth of numbers.

For most people, just knowing that information causes them to change their conduct,
— Laszlo Bock, Former SVP People Operations, Google


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